I’m new to yoga. Which class should I take?

If you have never practiced yoga before you have several options at The Movement Center.  A Beginners Yoga Immersion is a good way to learn the basic yoga postures (asanas), how to coordinate breathing with practice, good alignment, and meditative practices.

Any of the Continuing Practice classes marked with the symbol (B) are okay for beginners to join in.  You’ll be practicing with others who already know yoga, and will need to pick up the yoga poses over time.


I’m not really a beginner, but it’s been a while…

Maybe you took some yoga classes a few years ago, but haven’t practiced much since then. You are welcome in our Continuing Practice classes. You might also want to pick up your practice again one of the beginner classes mentioned above.


I need a class that provides support for a physical condition.

“Healing Yoga Practice” serves the needs of people with limited mobility or balance resulting from health issues such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or Parkinson’s disease.


I’d like to learn how to meditate. How do I get started?

Attend the Monday and Wednesday evening public meditation programs at The Movement Center.  These dynamic programs begin at 7:00PM with lively chanting, an inspirational talk by one of our senior meditation teachers, and a short guided meditation.  Come early for a Community Yoga class in the meditation hall from 5:45-6:45PM. Read more.


Can’t fit your schedule into ours?

Consider private yoga instruction, or gather a few friends together and we’ll create a focused small group class for you.


Short on funds?

Come to our Community Service Classes. These hour-long yoga classes cost only $5 or less – whatever you can afford.


May I come over for a tour of The Movement Center?

Certainly! We’d love to give you a tour of our beautiful space. You’re welcome to drop by anytime during the day, but best to call ahead if you’d like someone to show you around and talk to you about our programs. 503-231-0383.


How early do the “Program Entrance” doors open before class?

The receptionist or teacher will be at the front desk 15 minutes before class begins. If you arrive after class has started and the receptionist has left, please ring the door bell, or walk around the building and tap on the classroom door.


Do you provide yoga mats and other props?

For sanitation and health, we ask that you please bring your own yoga mat. You are welcome to use one of ours under your own for additional padding. If you forget your mat, you can borrow one of ours. We provide all other props.

After class, please carefully fold blankets, and roll mats before placing them on the props shelves.


What is your classroom protocol?

Please always enter the yoga rooms mindfully, and place your mat and other props down quietly with the understanding that another class may be in progress next door.

Some students and teachers are very scent-sensitive, so we ask that you kindly not wear perfumes, scented oils and the like in class.


How should I dress for class?

Please wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch without restriction. Clothes need to be form-fitting enough that the teacher can see your form.

Yoga is done in bare feet. Please bring clean feet to class – especially if you are borrowing one of our mats

Can I eat before class?

We recommend that you not eat anything except a light snack 2 hours prior to class. It’s just not possible or comfortable to move deeply on a full stomach. You are always welcome to bring bottled water into the classroom.

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