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Smiling Namaste

I highly recommend the hatha yoga teacher training at the Movement Center. It starts with the wonderful teachers who are not only experts with years of experience, but also dedicated practitioners who live what they teach. Their wisdom and guidance made learning to become a teacher an amazing process. The support I received from my fellow students and The Movement Center community made this one of the most positive experiences of my life.

Chris Terjeson


My teachers at The Movement Center’s hatha yoga teacher training are as brilliant and human as they come; intelligent, compassionate, and each teaching from their true love and appreciation of yoga. The core of the program, and it could be said the core of yoga itself, is a focus on calling upon your own choice to grow.
The curriculum was appropriately challenging, self-revealing, rooted in experience, and extra special in respect to The Movement Center’s lineage and the beauty of the ashram’s grounds.


My abilities to love, to choose happiness, and to access the human body were strengthened and sweetened by the teachers and students in this program. I would recommend this specific yoga teacher training program to anyone who feels guided to The Movement Center, and whose next step in yoga is to make teaching and a community a part of their practice.

Jebrahn Ferrier-Carpenter


“I was grateful to take the 200 hour teacher training program at TMC in 2010/2011 and can honestly say the experience was like no other. Ruth and the other instructors were welcoming and engaging throughout the entire process. They each brought a different but equally valuable prospective on how to conduct a Hatha yoga class and created a comfortable learning environment where we could develop a teaching style that felt like our own. I’m so thankful to have been a part of such a great training program.”
Kelly Smith, RYT


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