Dianne Barrett

The Movement Center’s Hatha Teacher Training Program was hands down one of the most enriching and informative experiences in my 20 something years as a yoga practitioner.


The grounds, meditation hall, yoga studios and ashram are a rich place to learn. The fabric of community and interweaving of optional learning practices make this a deeper, richer more rewarding experience. I’m speaking to the community yoga and meditation offered as well as all the events, classes and lectures held nearly daily.


I was continually impressed by the way the staff work together and individually bring different backgrounds of knowledge, creativity and talent to this program. What they have in common other than yoga itself is that they all teach from the heart with completely genuine passion. It was an honor to sit with them, learn from them and grow tremendously because of them.


The program itself exceeded my expectations as it continually opened windows to rooms of knowledge in alignment, breath work, asana, modifications and anatomy, anatomy, anatomy!! I have such an appreciation for the structure of the human body and feel that I have deepened my awareness of how my own body mind and spirit can benefit more from yoga as well as gaining the confidence that I can keep someone safe, supported or guide them on the road to healing.


I could go on and on about what I personally gained from this program but I would rather offer you the opportunity to ask me any specific or personal questions that you might have to assure you that The Movement Center would be a good fit for you. I honestly cannot recommend it enough.