Matt Dalton

To be supported in our endeavors to learn what we do not know. To be sustained during the ensuing challenges of those endeavors.
To be provided resources we do not know we need.
And time. These are the tenets of success.


The Teacher Training program at the Movement Center was not only an opportunity to take the time necessary to integrate the fundamentals of Yoga but also was an opportunity to explore those fundamentals with a breadth and depth that no other program is offering.


From regular lectures on the history of Yogic Text and Indian philosophy by a trusted expert in the field, to regular teaching opportunities during the progression of knowledge. I could not have been made more prepared for teaching safely, effectively and authentically. The faculty regularly went out of their way to accommodate the specialized needs of every student, while at the same time dedicating themselves to the high structure necessary for the security of embracing new information.


From anatomy to asana, breath to life, this is how to step into teaching others the way of yoga. This is how to organize a burgeoning authenticity. From the inspirational grounds to the unreal antiquities of the divine. Everything about this place etches itself into the facets of the learning experience. There really should be no other model for teacher training.


Thank you to everyone at The Movement Center for allowing me to start where I was, get lost and find my way while providing me with all the nourishment I could need along the way. You have not only my gratitude but the gratitude of each of my students too. Thank you all for the many sacrifices you must have made to bring this program to fruition.
Matt Dalton