Ryan Barrett

The Movement Center’s 200-hour yoga teacher training was so much more than what you could get out of reading a book. Rather it was an experience, a life changing experience. To put it simply, the faculty was amazing. They are not only wonderful individuals, but they also went above and beyond to accommodate the learning needs of all the students.


I learned more about anatomy and the human body at the Movement Center than I did studying biology at Portland State. In addition to the content being taught, the staff at the Movement Center made it a friendly, and comfortable learning environment. Most people cannot wait to graduate and move on to the working world, but everyone at the Movement Center, be it a student or teacher, made me feel so welcomed and accepted that I did not want to leave.


I half thought about purposely failing the final practice teach so that I could stay, but with how well they prepared me and all the other students it would have been impossible to fail even if I tried.


To put it briefly I highly recommend the teacher training at the Movement Center, you won’t fin a better program in Oregon, or maybe even in the whole west coast.