Kundalini Yoga Meditation at The Movement Center empowers you to live a full, creative life by awakening your potential for spiritual growth. Through relaxation and conscious breathing into the chakras, you become aware of the joy in your heart, and learn to extend that experience into your whole life.
This simple, profound practice is accessible to anyone, and everyone is welcome. You can start anytime.


Join us for a dynamic Chanting and Meditation Practice any Monday or Wednesday evening from 7:00 – 8:00PM. Bring the whole family! These contribution-based public programs are a wonderful way to introduce kids to the joy of chanting, and benefits of meditation. Pre-registration is not necessary. The reception doors are open at 6:30PM.


Eyes-Open Meditation is a silent group meditation with a teacher who represents the unlimited source of creative energy at your core. Read more about Meditation Programs at The Movement Center.