About Our Yoga Classes

Hatha yoga weaves together body, mind, and breath into a practice that teaches us how to live in harmony with our total environment for the rest of our life. The result is a healthier body, an adaptable mind, emotional clarity, and a connection to the stillness at the heart of our being. Give time and devotion to your yoga practice and it will transform your life into an unimaginable possibility! Click on a class below to read its description.

Breath-Body Basics

For those wishing to cultivate their understanding of hatha yoga postures and practice. Beginners to yoga – welcome! Learn the essential alignment and tools for your practice in a dedicated and encouraging environment.


Yoga Basics

For those wishing to cultivate their understanding of hatha yoga postures and practice. Beginners to yoga – welcome! Learn the essential alignment and tools for your practice in a dedicated and encouraging environment.

Slow Flow Yoga

Discover more freedom and ease in your body through gentle strengthening and stretching.  Using the adaptive techniques of Viniyoga, this class is suitable for all levels.  The slower pace of this class provides a safe way to explore your body if you have pain or injuries, and is most effective in opening the body for greater energetic flow.  Come to relax, recenter, and reground your energy through mindful meditation and movement.

$5 Community Yoga

A commitment to affordable yoga classes for everyone. We appreciate that a yearly financial commitment to yoga is not possible for everyone. Community Yoga classes are $5/class, or whatever is affordable. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. These are 1 to 1 1/4-hour practices offered 5 times a week. They can be characterized as “Open Level,” i.e. taught for the average student who does not need special attention in class. If you have taken some yoga before, or even if it’s been a long time since you’ve practiced, you’ll likely do fine in Community Yoga.  

Hatha Yoga – All Levels

An active practice, with an emphasis on integration of our mental focus, breath and movement, cultivation of awareness and openness; and mastery of the principles underlying hatha yoga practice. Class consists of a blend of release poses, vinyasa/flowing movements and moderately challenging asana/poses – All are welcome and encouraged.  

Hatha Flow

Practice attunement to your breath, heart and experience while building strength and flexibility. These classes take you into an active and strong practice in which you are invited to move with intentionality and precision. If you have an injury, limited range of motion, or are new to yoga, these classes may not be appropriate for you; please consult with the individual teacher before attending.

Friday Morning Yoga Hour

Classic asana and intuitive movement flows, focuses, and standing balances. All infused with breath, heart, and the joy of being in the company of kindred spirits. Come and join us any Friday! All ages and stages of experience are welcome. Drop the struggle to remain independent and separate. Feel your whole self – your body, your awareness, your breath, Reach out Draw in Connecting, permeable Part of the ecosystem of Life  

Chi Core Yoga

A dynamic, energizing flowing yoga form developed by Jesse Sweeney, refined over more than a decade. This practice weaves together martial arts, yoga and Chi Gong. Chi Core yoga enhances balance, flexibility, energy flow and strength within a dynamic movement sequence. It teaches your body how to function as an integrated unit and can be adapted to all levels of participation.

Moving into the body

For students with some yoga experience interested in deepening their experience in a profoundly breath-centered movement practice. This class focuses on simple postures and movement to explore how breath supports and transforms us as we move. Taking familiar asana as a starting point, we explore movements that increase range of motion, release patterns of tension or holding, and enhance balance and integration.

Seniors Yoga

Senior’s yoga is a class designed for individuals 62 years and up. Traditionally yoga was taught to students individually by the teacher. In “Senior’s Only” yoga we use that same approach because older bodies have such unique histories and patterns. The teacher, Lenore Bijan, works with students to improve proprioceptive balance (the balance one has – or really needs – with eyes closed), of major importance in preventing serious injury from falls. Because the rhythm underlying and empowering everything in yoga is the breath, its awareness and control will be a vital part of each class.

Developing Your Personal Practice

Be supported in developing, tailoring and growing your personal practice. Many are attracted to yoga but find classes problematic for a variety of reasons—health and fitness concerns, logistics or budget obstacles, or just general discomfort . Having your own practice makes yoga portable, personal, and perfectly designed , so you stick with it over time, deepen your abilities in a variety of ways, and enjoy both immediate and life-long benefits.  

Mastering Yoga Basics

This class is a space to strengthen and  further develop your understanding of the basics of hatha yoga. Begining students and continuing practitioners alike will benefit from this exploration and practice.

Private Classes

Private Yoga Instruction Whether you are an experienced yogi, a novice or simply investigating something new, private instruction is a valuable tool for developing your practice. The Movement Center offers private classes to help you develop a practice that is vital, appropriate to you and respectful of your body’s issues. Our experienced instructors are skilled in several different types of yoga and are available for one on one instruction, small group classes, and classes in the workplace.