Continuing Practice

At The Movement Center we practice hatha yoga primarily to release tension and feel the flow of prana (vital force) – the fount of health and well-being. With this in mind, the quantity and complexity of asanas learned is not a primary goal, rather, it’s the integration of body, mind, and breath as an entree to spirit that we are excited about.
So, we have chosen to call our beyond-beginner classes, “Continuing Practice” to honor this intention and make our classes accessible to as many people as possible.


Attendance at most of the Continuing Practice yoga classes require that you have a familiarity with the basic asana repertoire, awareness of your body and breath, and a sense of knowing how to use your body in the yoga poses.


You are encouraged to practice at a pace led by your own breath to make the class a deep personal experience.


To understand the approximate level of physical challenge in a given class, look for one of the following codes to the right of the class listing in the calendar:

(O) = Open Level (All welcome)

(G) = Gentle

(M) = Moderate to more rigorous

(B) = Beginner-appropriate

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