From one of our students

I came to yoga because I wanted to be happy and feel as good as possible, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I looked for this experience in so many ways, running, biking, lifting weights, hiking, etc, and in the moment I was doing those activities it was great. But, after awhile the high would go away and I was back in myself. So, I decided to try yoga. What the heck?!


An amazing thing happened to me.  A little apprehensive at first, my anxieties vanished with the first yoga class.  I came out of it feeling FANTASTIC, better than I had felt in years.  As I continued to practice, participate, and study, I realized that I had stumbled onto an incredibly powerful tool for increasing the quality of my life.


You may be saying, “Sounds too good to be true.  What is hatha yoga anyway?  What exactly can it do for ME?  Well, I’ll tell you what it did for me.

- toned and strengthened my body
- lowered my blood pressure
- gave me a way to cope with anxiety and stress
- reduced a lot of my aches and pains
- cleared my mind
- helped me open my heart to myself
- left me feeling pretty much amazed and grateful for this practice

So, you begin to get the idea.  And, naturally, it’s not only easy to stay with something that produces such wonderful benefits, it actually becomes hard NOT TO.


For myself, after practicing hatha yoga regularly, I find amazing things are happening.  Much of the tension I normally carry around with me is beginning to break up.  If I have a particularly stressful day, I can do something to feel better immediately . . . BREATHE.  My stamina and energy levels are greatly increased.  I feel more centered and my concentration is much better.


We couldn’t give a better testimonial than this! Please browse through our teacher gallery and class schedule, and come over for class sometime soon.