Healing Yoga

Yoga is often seen as a world of fit and flexible people who look great on magazine covers.

But what about everybody else, especially people struggling with illness or injury or just having difficulty finding a healthy lifestyle?  Hundreds of research studies and anecdotal evidence have demonstrated that yoga practice is of significant benefit in healing from injury and surgery, as well as a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.


Who can attend?  The student who is feeling “under the weather” and wants a gentler practice this week, or someone wishing to integrate yoga with another healing program, or someone dealing with a chronic condition. There’s no sequence so you are welcome to try the class once or attend on an occasional or long-term basis.


Taught by Laurie Saunders, RYT

Tuesdays, Thursdays, 4:30-6:00PM

Saturdays, 10:30AM-Noon

Cost: $13 drop-in, or purchase a class card.

Pre-registration is not necessary.  We look forward to seeing you!