Medical Qigong

“A TASTE OF MEDICAL QIGONG: Sound and Color Vibration Therapy”

Taught by Sara Storm, L.Ac., MMQ

Sunday, June 17, 2012
A $10 contribution is requested.
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Please join me in our Medical Qigong workshop series, and find out how this ancient skill can restore your energy!
Qi means “life force energy” and gong means “skill”, so Qigong is the skillful practice of gathering, circulating and applying life-force energy.


In Chinese medicine our organs’ functional relationship is important. If one organ is out of balance, then the rest are too.
Sound therapy is effective for energetically opening and clearing our organs, tissues and cells of stale or stagnant energy. We bring in the vibration of color (each organ has its own) to nourish and restore that organ. We finish by re-establishing the energetic pathways between the organs so they can function as a whole. The three primary techniques of Medical Qigong therapy include the following.
• Purging to remove stagnant or pathogenic Qi,
• Tonifying to strengthen the body’s internal organs and systems, and
• Regulating to balance the body’s internal energy.


How does our energy become stagnant? Strong emotions in the form of toxic energy become trapped within the body’s tissues when we hold back or do not integrate our feelings. These unprocessed emotions block the natural flow of Qi, thus creating stagnant pools of toxic energy within the body.

External factors include physical traumas, lack of physical movement, or environmental influences – when they are severe or chronic – such as Cold and Damp. Nutritional habits such as consuming too many iced beverages, over eating, or indulging too much in the classic American combo of pizza, beer and ice cream, creates Cold and Damp. The digestive process requires warmth and dryness in order to work effectively.


Medical Qigong consists of specific techniques that use the knowledge of the body’s internal and external energy fields to purge, tonify and balance these energies. This therapy combines breathing techniques with movement, creative visualization, and spiritual intent to improve health, personal power, and control over one’s life.
Please join me on Sunday to explore and experience sound and color vibration together.